GU Manager V2. Online Tools for Goalunited 2013 Football Manager.



Some notes to the calculation of the base

GU base:

The base of a player is calculated using a secret formula of the players skills and experience.
The weighting of the players skills depends on his position,e.g. the shooting-skill is weighted higher for a striker then for a defender.
The displayed base is rounded by GU to just tenths.Which means that a base from 0.900 up to 1.099 is displayed as 1.0.
The base is only updated by the nightly update. The skills are updated after every training unit.


GU skills:

Similarly to the players base even the skills are only shown rounded. If a player has a skill of 10 andabsolves a skill training then he'll get a skill value of e.g. 10.15, but the skill is still displayed as 10until he reaches the skill of 11. This is called skill-up. The base is calculated with 10.15.


Baserechner Base:

In the base converter there are two possibly displayed values.
If only one value is shown then this is calculated by the displayed skills (without decimals).
If there's displayed a range of values (e.g. 1,100 - 1,161), then the first value is the value without decimals andthe second value is the value with the individual skills +0.99. This is because the Base-Converter don't know the exact decimals.